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Akagera Ikisere - Rwanda


Our natural coffee from Rwanda is in Klo's collection with its notes of grape, Cadbury chocolate and blackberry.  

This is the result of the work of 6 growers who combined their harvests before sending them to the Akagera washing station. This group is made up of single mothers and widows who have joined forces to produce this sublime coffee, also allowing them to create a sense of community and share their experience together. Here are the names of the women who contributed to this project: 

Bernadet Nyirantakontagize - Esperence Nyirantezirembo - Jannette Mukashyaka Beata Nyiranzabandora - Virginie Murekatete - Lea Kamungenzi 

It is part of the initiative of Baho Coffee, a company that includes several washing stations throughout Rwanda, and whose owner, Emmanuel Rusatira, is greatly involved in traceability in collaboration with the importer Semilla.  

A particular effort is therefore dedicated to traceability, which is often difficult to establish when small productions are sent to washing stations, mixed in huge batches and processed together, as is often the case in Rwanda.  

And a little reminder… why is traceability so important? Here are 3 of the many reasons that particularly resonate with us:  

  • It encourages roasters to renew their commitment year after year with the same producers, thus ensuring them a stable income over time.   
  • It encourages producers who see their work valued by buyers and is therefore a source of motivation and pride. 
  • It allows buyers (roasters and consumers) to recognize the work of the producers at the origin.  

Recommended espresso settings: 

  • Amount of ground coffee: 18.5g 
  • Amount of coffee in the cup: 37g 
  • Extraction time: 30 seconds