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Za & Klo Torréfactrices

Kenya Kii


This coffee is a real favorite for Za with notes of orange marmalade, plum and pineapple. 

Coming from the Kirinyaga region in Kenya, produced by the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society, is also a coffee that is part of the Vava selection. She is a pioneer in Kenya in specialty coffee and it supports and encourages small producers to sell their coffee at prices commensurate with their work.

Vava insists on the contribution of culture in the way coffee is produced and its impact on the taste in the cup. 

The terroir is a particular taste, but it is also a set of decisions, traditions, ways of doing things, shared moments; it is the fruit of the work of a community. 

Enjoy it in espresso, with or without milk, and as an over! 

Settings :

  • Amount of coffee in the cup: 16g of coffee per 250ml
  • Temperature: 200 F

 Recommended espresso settings:

  • Amount of ground coffee: 18.5g
  • Amount of coffee in the cup: 36g
  • Extraction time: 30 seconds