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Diego Robelo - Costa Rica (molasses fermentation)


This cafe is by far the funkiest in our range and anything we've ever bought!

It tastes like whiskey, grape candies, fermented plums, buckwheat honey. A party café, fairground, cotton candy, afternoon in the park with a really interesting experimental process. 

The coffee cherries are soaked in tanks of water and "mosto" (the coffee sugar collected during the previous fermentation) for 2-4 days until they reach a ph of 4. The fermented cherries are then washed and dried on patio for 10 to 15 days. Nothing is added to the coffee during this process. 

It comes from the farm of Diego Robelo, a recognized producer and leader in his community who constantly seeks to innovate and experiment with new processes. 

We recommend it for over, espresso, cortado or even cold coffee!! A pure delight!