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Las Rosas, Colombia


Las Rosas coffee is the result of an initiative with one goal: acknowledge and value the work achieved by women in coffee farms, whether they are harvesting, involved in thetransformation or supporting their community. 

 Even though the work of women is crucial in coffee production, they often have no say in the decision-making process. In addition, they generally have a more restricted access to economical and educational resources and have less business opportunities. 

Las Rosas is now the name of a cooperative that unites more than 300 women who are in charge of coffee production and that take pride in cultivating their own crops.

Here are some actions that were taken to put an end to gender inequalities that those women have to live with:

  • Protect sales prices so the cooperative can break even.
  • Offer training to women who are members of the cooperative.
  • Set up a revolving credit fund for the members of the cooperative.

Since we are two women working in the roasting industry and evolving in the speciality coffee sector, we could not be more proud to support a project that puts the work of women in the spotlight so that they can achieve their vision for the future of coffee. 

 Nothing but a sweet taste and a creamy texture: Las Rosas coffee is a must in Klo’s offering. Enjoy!!


  • Ratio: 16 g of coffee for 250 ml
  • Temperature : 206 F